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How Rewards Programs Work

Rewards programs such as Kellogg’s allow you to redeem rewards you have accumulated. You can cash in rewards for swag, gift cards, coupons, and more. Other programs, such as Huggies and Pampers, also give bonus codes and we also share them here.

Many of our readers have cashed out in those programs without ever buying diapers or wipes. Think of it like a store loyalty program. Your local grocery store may have one. In other words, when you purchase certain products, they will reward you with points or coupons and savings. These programs are very similar to that.

What Can I Get?

One of my favorite rewards on Kelloggs Family is their coupon section. We buy a lot of cereal, and it’s nice to have money-saving coupons to use when we do. It seems like stores around here always have some special or sale going on, and you can match those up with coupons to save much more.

Plus, getting cereal coupons online means you don’t even have to buy a newspaper! And, of course, if you do buy the paper you can still benefit from internet printable coupons as well.

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